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Welcome to the future of YOUR hands.

We help simplify your financial journey, by providing valuable insights and guide you to improve your affordability scenarios. We enable you to manage, evaluate and improve your current financial situation.

There is a need for the UK’s high-street banks to be challenged when it comes to helping customers realise their goals. Turning generation-rent into generation-buy seems like a distant dream for most. BlackArrow is the financial mentor that empowers consumers to be the hero of their Journey.

How do we do this? With our innovative technology, powered by AI.

Our personal finances are fragmented into individual transactions, often across multiple accounts, at a number of institutions. Finding a path through this fragmented landscape can be uncertain and difficult, hindering our journey and preventing us from achieving the lifestyle we aspire to.

The path to home ownership has become riddled with undecipherable complexities, long waiting periods, and a process that’s intimidating, especially for first-time buyers. We want to do more than fix the problem, we want to innovate, disrupt and frankly, we want to make the world a better place. That’s an audacious goal—so how do we plan to do it? At BlackArrow, we believe that every journey needs a hero and the hero in our story is you.

Our Mission

Our vision is to deliver a customer experience unlike any other, by launching a suit of apps that ultimately aim to disrupt the market.

How, you ask? - By putting the power back in the hands of our customers and enabling them to become Heroes of their own financial journey.

Our Values


Honesty is at the core of everything we do at BlackArrow. We believe trust is key and in order to gain your trust we pledge to be 100% honest, not only with you but with ourselves.


Our goal is to remove the complexities and stress attached to finance. We aim to make things more black and white, while being open along the way.


We aim to simplify your life by matching your needs with the right products that simply work for you. This simplicity allows us to continually review and manage your financial well-being.

Do you want to be a part of the change?

We’re committed to working with local universities, tech hubs and FinTech Scotland to hire and develop Scotland’s best talent.

Our team is constantly growing, so if you’re interested in making the world a better place, making mortgages available to everyone, turning renters into buyers, spenders into savers and dreams into reality, get in touch. We’re looking for heroes.


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