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Why chose our Products and Services?


At BlackArrow we have assessed the complete spectrum of financial services tools available for customers today and we certainly know how to bring it all together.


Customers want Financial Freedom whereas Institutions servicing customers want up-to-date information and the only way to make this happen is a focused approach through our products and services.


Insights is a mobile app that helps customers collate and analyse their income and spending habits to better understand their affordability, which enables the customer to take necessary step towards say home ownership by setting up a savings plan or seeking mortgage advice through our Intermediary partnerships.

Our core focus is truly put customers in control of their financial journey and by working together we are certain we can truly place the power of pricing back in your hands.

Advisor's Dashboard

Realisation of affordability goals set by customers is a critical step … enter engagement which is an Intermediary (Advisor) facing app that brings transparency and automation to affordability process in scenarios such as mortgages.


Engage brings to market, the next level of connecting customers through to Intermediaries and makes Nurturing truly possible alongside improving process efficiency for Advisors.

Reg Compliance 

Once we tackle customer facing affordability (through Insights) and seamlessly integrate it with Advisors (using Engage), we will shift our focus to ensuring compliance is taken care of especially through critical processes such as Conveyancing; a largely manual process even today.

This is a complicated one and loads off R&D activities are underway.

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